Frequently asked questions

Do you offer accessories or decor?

Currently, we offer luxury white cotton curtains and a white canopy that can be used with the Classic structure, as well as a luxury white satin canopy for the Rustic structure. We also have 10 yards of white fabric available that we can drape on any of our structures. We hope to continue to expand our inventory of accessories as the need becomes available. If you are looking for a specific color of drape, etc. ask how we can source and provide for you. However, we do allow you to work with your planner or florist to bring and use your own embellishments, making the structure uniquely customized to your wedding or theme.

Can I add florals to the structure?

Yes! We love to see our structures enhanced with florals and greenery. If you are planning on decorating with florals, we will coordinate with your planner or florist to ensure the structure is set up and ready to go before they arrive. If attaching florals to the structure we ask that you use a method that will not puncture the wood and cause damage.

Will the structure damange my yard or venue?

We have designed each structure to stand securely without the need to be staked into the ground, eliminating damage to your yard and making it available to use at all outdoor venues. The bottoms of the structures are flat and free of protruding objects, eliminating damage to the floor of your venue. We do make clients aware that if placed outside you may see some flattened grass due to the weight of the columns or stands, but that is only temporary.

What is the cost of the white curtains you offer?

The white curtains can be added to your rental for an additional $25. The price includes the cost of the curtain rental + our services to hang them.

What is the booking process?

We try to make the booking process simple! Once you are ready to proceed with your reservation, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit - we accept most major credit cards through PayPal. Once payment and a signed copy of the contract are received, your date is secured. Final payment will be due 2 weeks prior to the event.

What is the cost of the satin canopy?

The white satin canopy can be added to your rental for an additional $75. The price includes the cost of the canopy rental + our services to hang it.

Is there a cost for delivery? Can I pick up the structure and assemble myself?

Yes, our charge of $100 covers delivery within the DFW metroplex and set up/tear down of the structure. Our trained team delivers, unpacks and assembles the structures in the exact location (provided to us by you or your coordinator) ensuring you don’t have to do any heavy lifting on your wedding day and our collection receives the proper care and handling. Installations of drapery or personal tallis’ not included. At this time we do not offer any structures that may be picked up and assembled by you.

How long does it take you to set up?

We ask that you allow us a minimum of an hour for set up. In the event that you are using our drapery or canopy, we ask that we have an hour and a half for set up. Of course, we understand that depending on the venue the time-frame may not allow for an hour and a half, so we will do our best to coordinate with the venue and your planner and meet your time-frame.

Will you hang my tallit?

We would be happy to hang your tallit for you. There is an additional charge of $30 and all liabilty for damages to the tallit must be waived in writing prior to the event date.

What if the structure is damaged during my event?

We know accidents happen! A 10% protection fee is included to the total rental order to protect against normal wear and tear of our structures. This ensures that we are providing the safest, highest quality product for you and future couples! If the structure is extensively damaged, thus affecting the integrity and safety, you will be billed for the cost to re-build the structure.

Is there a minimum amount required to rent?

No, we do not have a minimum amount required to rent our structures.

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